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A Makeover for my Mom for her 70th!

My mom’s entire wardrobe would fill a single suitcase and the makeup that most women travel with to work is more than my mom actually owns.  So when my dad asked if he could treat her to my smaller size custom color palette (my FLIRT palette) so she that she could use the colors as a guide to buy some new lipstick for her 70th birthday party dinner, I thought, “Nooooooooo!” *insert giddy laughter* ,”We have to do the WHOLE palette!”  (You can read about my different custom color packages here.)



While my dad’s goal for my mom might have been new lipstick, my goal was a makeover.  Here’s why: my mom’s hair was dyed and the color needed work (see right).  I figured that if I had enough time to show her how the warmth of her hair was confusing her overall look and therefore her color palette, she’d get her hair color corrected.  Happily, my plan worked.

When hair is not harmoniously dyed, creating a temporary palette for a person is an option and that’s what I started to do for my mom but fixing the color is better as then you’re not compensating for color that is off.  (To see why hair color affects a custom palette, see this largely pictorial blog post which involves Elmo and imaginary friends.)

My mom is holding the part of her custom palette that was certain  – the part of her palette that is known as her “body colors.”  From left to right she’s holding her skin tone swatches; her natural blush tones;  her eye colors swatches, and then her hair color-to-be swatches that I’d chosen (to take to the salon).  As she  went off to call a new hair dresser, I decided to purchase some lipstick.

My mom won’t wear lipstick if it isn’t EXTREMELY moisturizing so I wanted to get her Silk Naturals brand.  (See their selection here.)  With just her skin and blush tone swatches in front of me, I opened my laptop.   Note: Silk Naturals has excellent swatch photos on their site or there’s absolutely no way I’d have done this.  (And, not that I’ve ever used it, but they also have an excellent return policy.)  

I wanted to get my mom a nude, a pink and a red  lipstick –  for my mother who has never owned three lipsticks at once!   It was imperative that I found colors that connected with both her skin tones AND her blush tones.  You can see  below that my choices (Birthday Suit, Eternal and Reddy)  mesh beautifully in this regard.  Actually put on my mom,  these lipsticks look more pink/red. roz makeup The lipsticks arrived just in time and – success!  – each of them was fabulous.  My mom’s hair was dyed…and then we went back to creating her palette. Here, with her custom palette just completed, she is wearing her pink lipstick, Eternal, and holding the same “body colors” from earlier.  Isn’t she looking gorgeous? momfinal Ok, aside from the nail polish she had on not jiving.

I bought her a couple of new tops on ebay and here she is wearing one of them with Silk Natural’s lipstick Birthday Suit, the nude lippie that she’s taken to wearing most of the time. birthdaysuitlippie And here she is wearing Reddy and the other top I got her (with sequins that reflect the colors in her palette): reddy In general, using your custom color palette to buy makeup is as simple as matching your fabric swatches directly to makeup and/or finding makeup in colors that fall between your skin tones and your swatches. For example, here are three of my blushes next to my palette.  You can see that Desert Plum (in the middle) and Pretty Plum (far right) are exact matches and that the blush on the far left, Lady, falls between the pink to its left and my lightest skin tone swatch to its right. myblushesandfan Another example: my most used Silk Naturals lipsticks, Fashionista, Rapturous and Sultry, are swatched below on paper next to my blush colors and skin tones. You can see how they visually make sense with these strips of swatches. Then, my favorite eyeshadows, Mohave and Prowl,  lie happily between my skin tones and my dark brown swatches (which are actually my hair color swatches). kathymakeuforblog Sooooooo, if YOU need a makeover, where better to start than with a Custom Color Palette from Beauty Valued?  (It can be done in person or online from LOTS of photographs.)  And if you buy from Silk Naturals, be sure to look at the photos of the swatched make up, not just their color indicator “dots”.

Notes come with a palette and include further details on makeup selection and how to assess current and potential clothing.  Plus, there is also customized info regarding personal style.  (For a fun example of accompanying notes -minus makeup info, as it’s for Elmo – read this post.)  

And if you want to know tips for buying clothes on ebay, keep reading. My previous blog post is about just that!

15 Tips for Buying Clothes on eBay

This list is updated from a post I had in a previous blog.  (For folks that read my last list, new points have an * by them!)

1) Search for brands/designers you know and love, whose sizes you are familiar with and consistent in.

2) Sort by lowest price first (the same garment may be listed by more than one seller and prices – as well as conditions – can vary a lot.)

3) Know your measurements (bust, waist, hips, *from shoulder seam to shoulder seam for jackets) AND the lengths you like garments to be (sweaters, skirts, the inseam on jeans, sleeves, dresses, etc.)

4) Search eBay for your favorite designers/brands and your size, adding any additional info you like, eg. “skirt.”  As you browse, look for styles and colors that you know work on you.  I generally play it safe with color choices on eBay, sticking to colors that are not easily misrepresented.  You’re aiming for a purchase you’re going to love, so stick to what you love.  (Note: save your searches in eBay, eg  Brand, size, by lowest price first.) *I also save searches on eBay for items I’ve tried on in consignment store that were nice but one size too big or small to see if I can find them in the right size. It’s worked!  I am sure to take a photo of the garment I like while in the consignment store to be sure I recognize it on eBay and I photograph any details on the inside tags too that might be helpful in identifying the garment online.

5) If, generally, you struggle to find a certain type of garment that fits really well, don’t buy it on eBay.  For example, I do not generally shop for pants on eBay.

6)  My exception about buying pants is that I have bought duplicates of jeans I adore.  If you have an item in your wardrobe you love, and want it in other colors or simply a back up for when your beloved garment bites the dust, search for it on eBay.  Bear in mind no two garments are ever truly identical.  Chances are the cut will be ever so slightly different, in the tiniest of ways.  Sadly this is true even for higher end garments.  *If you are buying a garment that is pre-owned THAT YOU ALREADY OWN you STILL want to know the size AND the measurements because the garment may have been altered (and the seller is unaware of such alterations) or incorrectly laundered if wool and the fit/size will be different from what you expect!  It’s better to be ask/double check than to make a foolish purchase!

7) Compare photos from different sources/sellers of the same item to get the best sense of color and style.  *If you save the item in your Watch List, you can then click on it and choose to ‘View Similar items”.  If the same item comes up in the same size, then as well as comparing prices, you’ll want to compare measurements supplied.  If it is or isn’t the same size as your original find,  compare colors, the general look of the item, and how it’s styled to get the best sense of the garment you’re considering bidding on/buying.  You can also google or google image the item and see if you can find it elsewhere online to gain a better sense of what the garment truly looks like.  Ask the seller questions if you need clarification.  For instance, “Is this a dark red or more like a stop sign red?” or “These boots say knee high in the description but they look midcalf in the photos. Can you measure them for me? Thanks!”

8) Read descriptions carefully.   The condition of the garment should be clearly stated.  Is it NWT/new with tags? Is it in EUC/excellent used condition?  If there is a flaw, what is it?  I’ve purposely bought a top that had a few stitches coming out from a seam because I knew it’d be an easy fix and it was a great deal. *If the item is pre-owned but the condition is not stated, ask if the garment has any stains, holes, pilling or odors.  If the condition is stated as “good” but there are no problems listed and you love the item, write and ask why it’s not described as “excellent”!

9) Read the seller’s return policy and consider what you would do if the item doesn’t make you happy.  For instance, could you resell it?  Alter it?  Dye it?  Give it as a gift?  Or would you be fine with paying return shipping charges, if the seller accepts returns?  Think this through before any purchases.

10) Check the seller’s feedback too.  If it’s a new seller, ask them a question and see how responsive they are.

11)  Sellers are generally savvy about how to best list an item. For example, a blouse might be listed by brand, then “blouse/top” and the size and color/details.  But if the seller writes only “blouse”and you search for “top” you’ll  miss seeing their item(s).  So, you need to be savvy in your search too.  Use different words to describe the same item, enter the numerical and letter size for clothing, and try both European and American sizing for shoes.

12)  Sometimes you can read reviews of clothing items elsewhere. For example many shoes are reviewed on Zappos  and many of Anthropologie‘s items are reviewed on their site and personal blogs.  Read reviews to see if items are actually true to size, if reviewers consistently say good things or if, conversely, they mention design flaws.

13)  If something you receive is not up to par, write to the seller immediately and politely: assume the error was an oversight.  Generally, sellers want you to be happy and to write a positive review for them. *Ebay will reimburse you for items that do not arrive or if you receive a garment not as described, but the onus is on you to contact Ebay and then to follow through with Ebay’s procedures.

14) “Buy it now” is most like real shopping.  I started ebay shopping using items listed in that way only.   *Note that using the browser on my phone, I cannot see if an item is “Buy it Now Or Best Offer,” I just see “Buy it Now” sales prices.  Ensure that however you are searching ebay that you are seeing when sellers are saying “Or Best Offer” if you want to get the best prices. (Why would sellers state that unless they’re open to negotiation, right?)

15) The best deals are usually  by “auction.”   Bidding right near the end of the auction reduces the chances of the price going up in an early bidding war.  Bid as late as you can!

It’s a different shopping experience than going out shopping certainly.  But now that I’ve figured out my strategy,  I’m having a lot of success.  I hope my tips help, and lead you to some great, inexpensive, additions to your wardrobe!

PS If you like buying second hand rather than new and are interested in Slow Fashion, come join our facebook Slow Fashion Movers and Shakers group here.)

The Suzanne Caygill Legacy Event, San Francisco, CA Aug 31,2013

This past Saturday, I was lucky enough to attend the Suzanne Caygill Legacy Event to celebrate what would have been Suzanne’s 102nd birthday.  I met so many wonderful people and delighted in all that was shared.  For any readers who wished they could have been present, this post is for you!  (And, if you’re reading this and wondering who on earth Suzanne Caygill is, she was the first person to create custom palettes for clients.  She related the palettes produced to seasons, as well as to personalities and style.)


The palette above, created in 1977, is an example of a Vital Spring.  

Rochele Hirsch, one of the graduates of the Suzanne Caygill Academy,  masterminded this event and brought it to fruition.  (Thank you, again, Rochele!)


A hand-painted-to-match-a-palette silk scarf!  I thought the idea so lovely I wanted to show you. 

  • Coralynn Lundell of CDI,whose Caygill palette is at the top of this post, brought so many items to put on display I could not believe my eyes.  There was such charm to Suzanne’s promotional materials and in her letters to her students that  I went snap happy in my giddy state. (Click on any item to enlarge to read it.)


 Suzanne produced a Seasonal (of course) newspaper 

It advertised her services and amused:


I knew nothing of Suzanne’s classes before this event.  Coralyn said that Suzanne was not a teacher – that she didn’t know what a lesson plan was – but she was an INSPIRATION and everyone agreed.  Who else would have a Code of Elegance for their students to abide by?  Have a read.

CaygillCode of Ele1


We also heard about Suzanne’s Master Class open to those students who had completed her other courses.  In this class, students put together outfits for different occasions and learned things such as how to walk, sit, eat, and write thank you notes -“Finishing school!” as Carla Mathis put it so succinctly.

masterclassSC  A completed form for one outfit.  Note the space to write which gloves would be worn and how the hair would be styled.



Suzanne also organized evening theater performances!  She would have loved to have been an opera star and music was included in these theatrical events.   Students performed, bringing their Seasons to life!

  • Jennifer Butler spoke about a person’s essence. Suzanne had said to her – before Jennifer studied with her, “I see you’re highly trained, but can you really see who someone is?”  Jennifer related how she has taken Suzanne’s work regarding essence and expanded on it.  Whereas Suzanne had five phrases for each client regarding their essence, Jennifer uses eleven – having added six themes or aspects relating to personal growth. The words or phrases selected are used along with the palette colors in the creation of a client’s vision board.  A handful of the vision boards were shown to us, explaining the process.
  •  Rochele Hirsch paints palettes which allows her to travel and work easily!  She explained, furthermore, that how she mixes the paints tells her which season a client belongs in.  If she’s painting colors as they are, the client is Spring; if she needs to add the complement they are Summer; if she’s adding raw or burnt sienna, they are Autumn; and payne’s gray goes into Winter palettes. (Logical once you hear it, isn’t it?  Well, if you paint!)   Rochele’s healing work has expanded from color analysis to include other health related therapeutics such as something she calls relationship energies.  (See her site for more info / to buy her book.)   At the end of the day, when we chatted  briefly, she was spot-on classifying the dynamics in my family and she deducted it all through intuition!  Eye opening.

(As an aside, I was really surprised how many of the attendees had a connection past or present to complementary medicine and healing:  I felt right at home!)

  • Naomi Tickle spoke of the work she now does…reading faces!  She gave us all quick tools to better understand the personality of anyone we see and gave us two tips regarding dressing clients. One was that clients with larger backs of their heads (from ear to back of head) will wear ethnic jewelry better than others and the other was that clients with wide faces will have better interactions with people wearing their less bold colors.  You can buy her books on her site if you’re interested to learn more about Personology!

Interspersed throughout the day were “Suzanne Stories.”   Roy Cook, one of the two gentlemen in attendance, shared that he asked Suzanne once, “When looking at a roomful of people, what percentage of their seasons do you know right away?”  Her answer, he says, was a credit to her integrity.  She had replied, “I can guess.  But only about 3% with certainty.”

  •  Carla Mathis of Body Beautiful talked of writing The Triumph of Individual Style/Timeless Beauty saying that despite having worked for Suzanne for 18 years, she has no language to explain what Suzanne actually did.  (Coralyn wasn’t kidding when she said Suzanne wasn’t a teacher, eh?)  Then one day, she went to a flower arranging class with a friend and the arrangements were going to be assessed by the teacher on line, movement, rhythm, balance, etc and lo and behold here was the language needed!  She also told us how she has clients use Pinterest to share with her images of things that they love that are not clothing.  From a discussion about these images, she is led to their true identity.  In other news, she has developed a line of paint and is working on a dating site!  Yes, you read that right.  Happy Home Lives courtesy of Carla coming to a city near you, soon!  (Oh, and that’s not her product name, that’s just me being playful.)
  • Bonnie Humiston assisted Suzanne for six years in NYC and spoke to us of the similarities between the Feldenkrais body work that she does and personal colors. Both increase an individual’s self awareness.  Feldenkrais  does this through movement, and she had us all do a seated exercise to demonstrate just how easily and quickly it works.  Bonnie had also worked as a psychotherapist and she said when she learned color analysis she wanted to tell people, ” Go get your colors done! It will save you five years of therapy!”  Colors balance our systems.  Earlier in the day, Carla had mentioned that Suzanne seemed to FEEL personal colors, that she could do people’s colors in poor lighting.  Bonnie talked of color as a vibration.  If she needs fabric in a particular color, she paints the desired color and takes that paint swatch to the fabric store.  She can then feel very quickly if the fabric she needs is for sale there or not, as if it is there then she feels the vibration of the color she has painted aligning with the color fabric she is wanting to buy!  (And to think friends think I have done a 180 and left energy work behind.  Ha!)
  • Beverley Cole from New Zealand spoke of her career path through makeup and color and now to Fashion Feng Shui, which helps people dress to attract the dreams of their life. She explained the five energies/elements/archetypes and how to you encompass more of the energy you want in your life, you must incorporate more of it in your dress/home to attract it.  Online workshops and certification training are available and if you’re ever in New Zealand she’s got an amazing B&B to fortify your soul!
  • Marilyn Allen, not a student but an admirer of Suzanne and a big believer in the healing that is done with color harmony, gave us the most wonderful pep talk (as only a former school principal/current director of marketing/ Spring-y type could)  to keep this profession going strong.  I’ll do nothing else, Marilyn!!!

Happy Birthday, Suzanne!  That was a beautiful event, held in your honor.


Why Custom Palettes Choke Up their Owners

We’ve all had glimpses of our best colors in trying on clothing. But most of us haven’t seen all our best colors laid out together at once, on beautiful fabric.  When clients receive their palettes, they’re often quite emotional.  I’m both used to the response and astounded by it. Each time it reminds me that my work is fun; my work is pretty; and my work is deeply personal.  A customized color palette may seem a fun luxury but there is so much more to it.  Usually clients realize this – it really hits them – when they get their palette in the mail.

Here are the reasons I think a personalized palette can bring tears to a client’s eyes and a mixture of emotions to their heart:

1.  A custom palette is you in color form.  It’s got the physical parts of you that you love in it, and none of the parts you might wish were different.  (This is the meta-you. No wrinkles, no spots, not a hair out of place…the perfect YOU.)  You can see and accept your physical beauty much more easily when it’s presented in color form.

2. Your palette is not fleeting.  It’s there for you to study, hold and cherish.

3. It’s what you’ve been trying to find (your BEST colors!) and wondering about and now it’s here and it’s even more incredible than you could have ever imagined.  The sweet delight is a bit overwhelming.

4.  You’ve never known yourself or nurtured yourself in this way.  You’ve never seen how beautiful and unique YOU are.

5.  Now that you see YOU, you’re more sure of yourself than ever before. You feel enriched, empowered, beautiful and smart (for making such an investment).

6.  You “grow” in knowing your colors. You understand yourself better.  You can live more fully, more beautifully.

7.  You’ve honored yourself: your palette connects you to YOU, deeply.

Of course, as time passes the familiarity of the custom palette overtakes the novelty of ownership.  But along with the style guidelines that come with a palette, the woman can create a cohesive, winning wardrobe and the novelty of that never wears off!  The palette is still treasured and serves as a gentle reminder that our outer physical self, just like the rest of our body/mind/spirit deserves and is, in fact, enhanced by recognition, respect and a deeper understanding.


Edited on 8/13/13 to add a message I received from a mom across the country who had ordered an online palette for her teen daughter:

“SHE GOT HER FAN TODAY!!! She was blown away and is totally in love with it. She immediately held it to her heart and just cradled it lovingly while she absorbed it all. She was almost wordless as she caressed every single wand individually, just processing each color like she was committing it to memory.

It was so precious to watch her as she mentally and emotionally connected this beautiful fan with her own being. She looked up at me and said, “Mom, am I really this beautiful?”. There are no words to describe the feeling that was in my heart at that moment as tears freely ran down my cheeks. “Yes, you truly are that beautiful!”

There was then a very definite shift in her as she allowed this colorful proof of her beauty to become a part of her self-image. I could literally see the level of her confidence and self-acceptance increase. You are a color angel!

She now has clothes all over the bed going through them. It’s truly amazing to me to see firsthand just how powerful seeing one’s self in living color really is! It truly answers the age old question we all have. Who am I?”

This left me feeling very, very committed to my mission:

The Most Important Clothing in Your Life

Don’t we all have a friend who, when you arrive at her place, always needs, “Just five minutes!” to be ready?  And the five minutes is never really five, but always ten?   “Love, Loss and What I Wore” by Ilene Beckerman is the book these friends need on their coffee table.  Guests waiting will actually enjoy their time with this little gem of a pictorial autobiography to read and, on future visits, re-read.


I was wearing this yellow dress when I fell of a pier, age 2.

With cartoon illustrations on one side and text on the other, Beckerman takes us though her life, garment by garment.   At some point, you realize,  you’re not sure if Beckerman is chronicling the events in her life with her clothing or the clothing in her life with the events.


My dad wore this same ‘travel suit’ for at least a decade, though he won’t admit it. We were in Greece where we’d gone to see a specialist about my eyes.  I wore clear pink glasses, briefly, with a Paddington bear sticker over one eye to strengthen the other. I had that red Canada bag for years, carrying little toys in it wherever I went. Funnily enough, my diaper bag for my daughter was similar: a dark red and ivory leather bowling bag.  

 And it doesn’t matter, you conclude, because your own version of this book would be similar: some items or outfits that simply held great fascination for you would be included, and others that were tied to an emotional event.


My mother sewed outfits for me and my twin brother. I was always eager for her to be done so that I could see how the cloth and trimming she had purchased had turned into something wearable.

Bits of fashion history are interspersed within the stories – each story spanning a decade from the 1940’s to the 1990’s.  More time is spent describing garments or hairstyles than any event in Beckerman’s life  – even a death.  The lack of detail serves to make the losses more poignant.

There is humor.

There is endurance.

There is a granddaughter.

balletdrawingIn reports from ballet school my hair was always mentioned – for it not being neat enough in buns.  My mother had no interest in bobby pins.  If it had been up to me I’d have just danced and drawn, but my brother always wanted to play games. (You won’t be surprised to hear that these rugs always became “The Gates of Hell” in our games, or that may parents also had matching orange leather couches.)

“Love, Loss and What I Wore” made me realize that while I spend much of my time thinking about which colors and which styles are going to bring a woman “to life”, I forget about her ACTUAL life.  I don’t mean the practicalities of the styles that I’m suggesting.  No, I bear that in mind.  Rather, I forget that I don’t really know this woman.  I feel like I do:  I feel like I’ve spent hours getting to know her skin, her eyes and her hair: I’ve spent time assessing styles that flatter and styles that don’t:  we’ve messaged or emailed a lot if we haven’t chatted face to face.  But there is a rich life behind each and every client and this book reminded me that I am looking at clothing in only one context:  what works best – what brings them into the most visible state of harmony.  I don’t know anything of the clothes that tell the stories of their life.

threewomenimporatntThese are three most important women in my life: my grandmother’s best friend, my grandmother, and my mother.  They taught me that comfort never goes out of style, even if designers forget it.

I love connecting with my clients – even if it’s primarily about the direction they will be going with their wardrobe.  So much of our world is depersonalized.  To share what makes us unique is amazing.

So tell me, what item or outfit first comes to mind when you think about the most important clothing in your life?  I’d love to know.

PS Nora and Delia Ephron have turned this book into a play.  I’d love to see it!


Review: Green Grab Bag Build a Box

Apologies in advance to those of you not in the U.S.  While you don’t have access to this service, perhaps you’ll be interested in the products I tried.

Green Grab Bag sells eco-friendly beauty product samples.  At first, they were subscription only, delivering 6+ samples a month for $15 which including shipping.  I never tried out their service.  The frugal-control-freak-who-abhors-excess in me couldn’t do it.  (What if I got a perfume sample I disliked?  Or a face mask for oily skin?  Or makeup in a color that wasn’t mine?)  But when they started  their Build a Box Program which allows you to HAND PICK the samples you want, I was easy to woo.  (Like my colors, I like my body products hand picked!)

greengrabbagI tried out the smallest size box which, like their monthly subscription service, is $15 including shipping for six samples.  From more than 55 items, I chose:

Cocoon Apothecary Rosey Cheeks  Discovering this facial cream alone made the box worth every cent. Hands down the nicest moisturizer I’ve used.  Fans of rosehip oil and shea butter check it out. Not too much, not too little – but just the right amount of moisture for my finicky skin.  The rose scent is very, very subtle.

Tsi-La Fleur Sauvage Organic Eau de Parfum The other perfumes on offer actually all sounded nice. This  one sounded bewitching and it is, indeed, intoxicating.  I spent ages on the Tsi-La website having fun, learning about their perfumes and how you can layer them.

Aimee’s Lotions’n’Potions Revitalizing Eye Cream   I ran out of eye cream so picked two. This one is lovely and creamy.

Moody Sisters Eye Cream  When looking at the Moody Sister’s website, I discovered this can also be used as a cuticle cream!  And, indeed, that’s how I am enjoying using it – actually on my entire hands not just my cuticles. Its consistency reminds me of coconut oil and my hands love it.

Shea Terra Organics Pink Guava Pomegranate Whipped Shea Butter Body Cream  This is much thicker than I expected and lacks the heavenly scent I’d hoped for but it is nice on elbows and heels.

Suntegrity Vegan BB Sunscreen in Light.  This is why I love the Build a Box program – because I know I need Light not Medium and *I* get to choose.  I was really impressed by this product  in terms of consistency and feel.  I still prefer matching skin tones more precisely but this came really close for me and if I hadn’t just found a better match, I’d probably be buying it full size.

The Build A Box program is currently made up of products from past subscription boxes but they are planning on introducing completely different samples too.  Products are added monthly.  Customer service is fantastic.  (I had questions answered super fast!)   Go forth and sample!

Never Before Discussed Reasons for Wanting a Custom Palette and Style Guidelines

Most women who desire my color/style services want to feel happier about what they’re wearing and how the world perceives them.  These folks are The Beautiful Communicators.

But ladies come, or are interested, for other reasons – or a mishmash of reasons.  Tell me if any of these other reasons/types ring true for you:

Miss Smarty Pants?  You don’t really care about visual beauty that much but you sure hate other people knowing more than you.  You’re sick of being told “what’s in/hot/on trend” when you shop.  Being wiser to what will make you look good than someone in the fashion and beauty industry makes the Know-it-All in you oh so smug.  You just need a little tutoring first. 

The Skeptic is secretly torn.  Does Color Analysis work the way some friends say or is it hogwash?  Either ways she wins.

The Eccentric has written in brown ink exclusively for years.  Except that these days no one hand writes very much at all,  thus new ways to express color individuality are required.


The Self Improver meditates and does yoga, improving her inner self.  She’s smart enough to realize her outer self should not be neglected either.

The Personal Data Collector has her astrological chart mapped out, has traced her family tree back to 1583 and knows what kind of food to eat for her blood type.  Personal color and style is missing.  Clearly.

The (Quiet) Body Art Worshipper has always been impressed by folks that get tattoos, especially if they’re visible.  But she’s also a long term thinking.  The tattoo has to be something that she will love and be happy with forever.  When else could color and style matter more???

The Hoarder wants a custom palette to serve as a road map for how to purge her wardrobe.

The Snap Happy Gal loves taking selfies.  For an online analysis she has a reason to take more pics and someone to share them with – fun, fun, fun!

The Worst Case Scenario Thinker is worried she’s dressing ALL WRONG.  She needs peace of mind and/or help asap.

So…what combination of types are you?  Am I missing types?  And which never before discussed reason have I actually heard?!?  Guess.