Never Before Discussed Reasons for Wanting a Custom Palette and Style Guidelines

Most women who desire my color/style services want to feel happier about what they’re wearing and how the world perceives them.  These folks are The Beautiful Communicators.

But ladies come, or are interested, for other reasons – or a mishmash of reasons.  Tell me if any of these other reasons/types ring true for you:

Miss Smarty Pants?  You don’t really care about visual beauty that much but you sure hate other people knowing more than you.  You’re sick of being told “what’s in/hot/on trend” when you shop.  Being wiser to what will make you look good than someone in the fashion and beauty industry makes the Know-it-All in you oh so smug.  You just need a little tutoring first. 

The Skeptic is secretly torn.  Does Color Analysis work the way some friends say or is it hogwash?  Either ways she wins.

The Eccentric has written in brown ink exclusively for years.  Except that these days no one hand writes very much at all,  thus new ways to express color individuality are required.


The Self Improver meditates and does yoga, improving her inner self.  She’s smart enough to realize her outer self should not be neglected either.

The Personal Data Collector has her astrological chart mapped out, has traced her family tree back to 1583 and knows what kind of food to eat for her blood type.  Personal color and style is missing.  Clearly.

The (Quiet) Body Art Worshipper has always been impressed by folks that get tattoos, especially if they’re visible.  But she’s also a long term thinking.  The tattoo has to be something that she will love and be happy with forever.  When else could color and style matter more???

The Hoarder wants a custom palette to serve as a road map for how to purge her wardrobe.

The Snap Happy Gal loves taking selfies.  For an online analysis she has a reason to take more pics and someone to share them with – fun, fun, fun!

The Worst Case Scenario Thinker is worried she’s dressing ALL WRONG.  She needs peace of mind and/or help asap.

So…what combination of types are you?  Am I missing types?  And which never before discussed reason have I actually heard?!?  Guess.


2 thoughts on “Never Before Discussed Reasons for Wanting a Custom Palette and Style Guidelines

    1. beautyvalued Post author

      Soon your palette will be all YOURS, Sandra, and well, you’ll have to worry about something else! LOL.


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