“The more I look at my colors the more I love them… I revisit your Facebook album frequently because it is so wonderful, and I learn more each time I look at other women’s palettes and photos. I see other clients raving about your skill as a color analyst and I just want to add my own accolades to their comments… you are truly gifted!  I have had considerable experience with color analysis, so I do feel I have a solid basis of reference that most of your clients do not have. Those who saw you first may not realize how fortunate they are!” Kathleen, CA

“This is amazing, you are amazing! Thank you so very much for taking the time and consideration to put this together. I love the narrative you created for my style!” Stephanie, Washington DC

“Kathy, what a fabulous way to start the new year!  Today is the first day I’ve had a chance to get into my color strips and style guidelines.  They are providing a feast of ideas I’ve never considered.  I want to set some time aside soon to go through my closet and see what is going on there.  I feel motivated to look at my wardrobe through new eyes.  You are giving me guidelines to confirm what feels right and what feels off, and I know I’ll more easily toss those things that never seemed to work.  What a jewel you are!  I’ll write more and send a photo with my strips once I internalize your treasure chest of suggestions.  Thanks for including so many.  Am I actually feeling the urge to go shopping?” Pat, TX

“I just had the pleasure of going through my new Beauty Valued Style Guidelines and let me tell you, ladies, they are awesome! Kathy did such a thorough job… full of all the details I’ve been missing. I’ve been at this style & color fun for about a year and a half. I’ve learned a lot, but still lacked a cohesive thought on how to put outfits together. She not only gave me style lines, but a mood, look, keywords, etc. I finally feel like I have a vision of my style. Forever grateful, thank you, Kathy!  I think the best part, for me, is that it’s such custom experience. I requested extra help with shoes because that is an area I was really struggling with and that was reflected in the recs she gave me. She knows I struggle more with casual and that was reflected in the jewelry examples she gave me. The whole thing was just incredibly thoughtful!” Katherine, AZ

“Kathy is passionate about finding the colours just right for each of her clients and is a delight to encounter! You don’t feel scrutinized, in the way some other colour systems operate – it feels like having a cup of tea and being valued warmly rather than critically. Beauty Valued is an excellent name.” Catharine, England

“For the first time since I started my color (and style) journey in early 2012 I am really, deeply happy. I never knew this feeling could exist! Now, with the cooling weather, I can finally wear the items I bought and I can’t express in words how it feels to be in my color home. It’s like a soul completion. It is fabulous beyond words. Thank you, Kathy Pfeiffer. I’m so glad I finally got there.” Gloria, CA

“I get compliments from strangers whenever I wear colors from my fan.” Katherine, CA

After getting her color palette in the mail this online client messaged…”I just want to picspam the world. I’m having a blast! One day soon, I’m going to see about getting palettes done for my kids!” Gwendolyn, TX

“Thank you for the lovely palette, I’m really happy with it! I knew I wasn’t going to regret this.” Muriel, Norway

“I just received the dress and sweater and this is not hyperbole: you have selected the most amazing outfit I have ever worn. It’s like my best, most authentic self represented in clothing form. That I get to wear. Thanks soooooooo much!”  Sarah, Fl (after personal online shopping)

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me on this journey in color. The confidence is higher than ever and I’m not afraid or unsure anymore to just be myself. With three beautiful/smart daughters to raise it is important for them to see me as I am. Thank you again!” Staci, TX

“Got my BVal” (in the mail – this is for an online client) “I am totally overwhelmed by how perfect and gorgeous it is. If only I’d come to you in the first place!!!I know you’re trying to provide my best colors and not a grand unified theory of life, the universe and everything, but from what I can see so far, this palette is IT.” Elizabeth, MI

“I have to say that yours is The Best Online Analysis EVER!!! I highly recommend you to anyone.” Sandra, MS

“My fan is AMAZING!!! I am head over heels in love with it!” (sent on arrival of the fan).  Then,  a couple of weeks later, “I’ve had my fan for a couple of weeks now and one of the things I’m finding is that even though I was draped as a True Summer before and those colors work beautifully on me, it has been this personalized fan from you that has really pushed my look to the next level.  Thank you so much for fine tuning my colors so beautifully.  I literally had a woman stop me in church and say, “Oh, my word, you look gorgeous!  No, I mean, truly gorgeous, not just the normal gorgeous.”  She was so caught off guard by the difference in my look from the week before my fan to the week after my fan that she was having a hard time even expressing it. That reaction alone was worth every penny I paid for this fan!”  Kay, ND

“I am so freaking thrilled about these colors, you have no idea!!!  It’s incredible that you got the colors so right virtually! ” Lauren, Southern CA

“I got my colors today. They’re so beautiful, Kathy. I teared up a little when I first opened them just…the beauty, the harmony, of the colors.”  Julie, AZ

About a palette bought as a gift for a woman’s sister: “I can’t believe how perfectly you got ALL of the hues in her hair  I mean she was beautiful before, but (she is) WOW next to her colors!  Diana, NJ

“You have an amazing eye and I am so happy with what you came up with. It feels very cohesive. Thank you! Thank you! I am having a blast!” Cindi, IA

“I can’t believe you worked so fast! My mom really liked that you did our colors together. It was fun!”  Michele, San Francisco, CA

Here is a note I got from a woman who purchased a palette for her daughter, as a surprise (she sent me lots of photos to work with!):

SHE GOT HER FAN TODAY!!! She was blown away and is totally in love with it. She immediately held it to her heart and just cradled it lovingly while she absorbed it all. She was almost wordless as she caressed every single wand individually, just processing each color like she was committing it to memory. It was so precious to watch her as she mentally and emotionally connected this beautiful fan with her own being. She looked up at me and said, “Mom, am I really this beautiful?”. There are no words to describe the feeling that was in my heart at that moment as tears freely ran down my cheeks. “Yes, you truly are that beautiful!” There was then a very definite shift in her as she allowed this colorful proof of her beauty to become a part of her self-image. I could literally see the level of her confidence and self-acceptance increase. You are a color angel! She now has clothes all over the bed going through them. It’s truly amazing to me to see firsthand just how powerful seeing one’s self in living color really is! It truly answers the age old question we all have. “Who am I?”

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