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Never Before Discussed Reasons for Wanting a Custom Palette and Style Guidelines

Most women who desire my color/style services want to feel happier about what they’re wearing and how the world perceives them.  These folks are The Beautiful Communicators.

But ladies come, or are interested, for other reasons – or a mishmash of reasons.  Tell me if any of these other reasons/types ring true for you:

Miss Smarty Pants?  You don’t really care about visual beauty that much but you sure hate other people knowing more than you.  You’re sick of being told “what’s in/hot/on trend” when you shop.  Being wiser to what will make you look good than someone in the fashion and beauty industry makes the Know-it-All in you oh so smug.  You just need a little tutoring first. 

The Skeptic is secretly torn.  Does Color Analysis work the way some friends say or is it hogwash?  Either ways she wins.

The Eccentric has written in brown ink exclusively for years.  Except that these days no one hand writes very much at all,  thus new ways to express color individuality are required.


The Self Improver meditates and does yoga, improving her inner self.  She’s smart enough to realize her outer self should not be neglected either.

The Personal Data Collector has her astrological chart mapped out, has traced her family tree back to 1583 and knows what kind of food to eat for her blood type.  Personal color and style is missing.  Clearly.

The (Quiet) Body Art Worshipper has always been impressed by folks that get tattoos, especially if they’re visible.  But she’s also a long term thinking.  The tattoo has to be something that she will love and be happy with forever.  When else could color and style matter more???

The Hoarder wants a custom palette to serve as a road map for how to purge her wardrobe.

The Snap Happy Gal loves taking selfies.  For an online analysis she has a reason to take more pics and someone to share them with – fun, fun, fun!

The Worst Case Scenario Thinker is worried she’s dressing ALL WRONG.  She needs peace of mind and/or help asap.

So…what combination of types are you?  Am I missing types?  And which never before discussed reason have I actually heard?!?  Guess.


Great Makeup at Great Prices

I’ve written about ‘green’ makeup before in an earlier blog, here.  If you want to know why folks like me care about what’s in our makeup so much then start reading there.  Otherwise, dive on in!

Today I want to share INEXPENSIVE  clean makeup finds.  Two companies that are making top quality products without the fancy packaging and marketing budgets of bigger known brands are Silk Naturals and The All Natural Face. concertodesertplum As I’ve got older and my skin drier, powder foundations have been looking, well, errrr…powdery!  I tried stick and liquid foundations by brands such as Vapour, Nvey Eco and W3LL People and while they all get great reviews, no single sample of anything I tried really rocked my world.  (Samples were purchased at Spirit Beauty Lounge.)  Either the color, the texture or/and the scent bothered me, and, frankly,  none are inexpensive.

Then I stumbled across the All Natural Face and saw they offered a cream foundation in 51 different shades – to be used as a concealer or foundation, with the simple ingredients of: organic jojoba oil, organic argan oil, candelilla wax (a plant alternative to beeswax), mica, oxides, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.  At less than $10, I had to try it!

While they don’t sell samples of the cream foundation, they do for their powder foundations at 35 cents each, so I ordered a handful to see if they had a color that would work well.  I also indulged in their Try Me Lipstick Sampler  for just over $5,  which includes your choice of five samples of lipsticks; a truly lovely lip exfoliating rub (enough to last ages) ;and a gloss which is more like a salve for use after exfoliating.  Finally, I bought, for $3.45, their Eye Shadow Primer.  They threw in a sample of a hydration mist/makeup sealant. allnatfacsamples The shade “Almond Goddess”blended right in on me, so I ordered that as a cream foundation and a full size lipstick of Cherries Jubilee (the warmest I can go for a red lipstick – quite a fun find).  I’m pleased with the eye shadow primer too and the hydrator/sealant did help the powder look less powdery.

I can’t say I love their website  but customer service via email is great, and I learned, when I emailed to ask about the foundation’s estimated spf, that the lighter the foundation the higher the spf as it’s got more (white) titanium and zinc oxide in it.  That’s handy for this fair lady!  (Estimated spf is 15-30, by the way.)

In the photo of me above, I’m wearing The All Natural Face’s Almond Goddess cream foundation dabbed on and smoothed out where needed.  Mascara is Korres Volcanic Minerals Volumizing Mascara.  Everything else is Silk Naturals: Desert Plum blush, Concerto lipstick,  Deep Brunette brow powder and Sleep in a Jar under eye powder.

Yup, lots of Silk Naturals products:  they are my first choice for lipstick, blush and eye shadows.   I can’t recommend them enough.  Prices are really reasonable, shipping is fast, quality is amazing.  They offer an incredible array of fabulous colors  just be sure to look at the photos they offer of the product swatches, not just the “dots” when choosing items.  In terms of quality, their lipsticks are moisturizing AND stay on for ages, and their powders are finely milled.  You do have to be ok with their lipsticks coming in Chapstick type packaging (see pic below).  I’m fine with it.  In fact, I kind of prefer it. They also make lots of dupes of high street brands and state that when relevant.


I hope I’ve provided you with some new information.  If any of you know of other like-minded makeup companies, do share!   I’m all for supporting businesses that care more about quality and low prices for consumers than fancy advertising and packaging!

What Information Comes with an Online (or In-person) Color Analysis? Part One

I send all my clients a document explaining how to use their palette to assess their current wardrobe and for future shopping.  It’s not as simple as “Toss everything you have that is NOT in these colors! ”  No, no.  Your palette contains your BEST colors but you also have plenty of ok colors, and I want you to salvage as much as you can from your wardrobe that is good.  I advise how to do this.  I  also want you to remove your worst colors from your wardrobe and you’ll learn how to do this.  (Note: during an in-person analysis I usually can’t resist but show a client her/his worst colors, saying as nicely as I can, “Please never wear these colors.”)

An online color analysis does not include a formal in-depth style consultation but I do include some guidelines.   If you just wear your colors but not in your style, you won’t look great. The “ok” clothes you’re salvaging need to be great styles for you.  If I need more photos to formulate my style thoughts, I ask for them!

I also add personalized information. This might include where a client has more wiggle room with color and where they do not.  (Most of us have a hue or two we do really well in.)   I offer suggested garment purchases and information about color combining where relevant – more about that in part two.


This online client had an incredible array of fantastic “colors” that worked on her.  But neutrals?  They were not forthcoming, and she was relieved when I told her that as she’d suspected it herself.  I included her best traditional neutrals and suggested she use her medium dark purples as neutrals too.  Doesn’t she look beautiful?

So to give you a taste of how my personalized comments read, here are my personalized comments for Elmo: ElmoPalette - Edited

(Oh, and if you missed it, go  here for his original custom analysis!)


1) You may use your body color (your reds), as part of prints or in details.  A mechanic’s jumpsuit in your body colors will lead to an Emperor Has No Clothes effect, and this would negate you coming to have your colors done. On the other hand a Hawaiian shirt with a touch of your reds in it would work nicely.  Red as part of an accessory is also good – like red shoelaces.

2) Ideas for purchases to build a working wardrobe:

For formal speaking occasions:

  • Dress shoes in your blacks
  • Dress shirt in your whites
  • Dress shorts in your blues or purples
  • bow ties in your greens
  • Satchel in your oranges/yellows

For every day frivolities:

  • Converse or retro sneakers in your yellows or greens
  • Graphic T shirts or Hawaiian shirts in any combination of colors – just not a red background or you’ll look like you have a tattoo not a top on
  • Pants with medium -large geometric designs – stripes, polka dots, etc or a fun, large crisp print, airplanes, for instance
  • Casual back pants are an alternative to jeans if you are wearing a lot of color elsewhere
  • Socks in any of your colors including red if you MUST wear socks with sandals
  • Backpack in any of your colors, especially a bold mix with clearly outlined shapes

I told Elmo to keep in touch and to feel free to email me with any questions! (Note: I told the same thing to his similarly but not quite identically colored Elm friends and family in this post, where I demonstrated pictorially why creatures with the same skin tones but different hair or nose(!) colors need customized palettes!)

I always want to be learning and if clients ask me something I don’t know it’s WONDERFUL to figure it out and build on my knowledge.  If you ask me something I do know, it’s a fast, easy reply.  And, I like to keep in touch.


The 10 Items Every Woman Should Own

Personal stylists often write a list of the top ten items that they believe every woman should own.  Often it includes a  white shirt, a black dress, a trench coat…. items too generic in taste for my liking in terms of color, lifestyle and individual style.

Here is my list:

1) A piece of jewelry of great sentimental value – and who cares if it is costume or real?

opal - Edited (1)Mine is an opal ring from my grandmother. 

2) A pair of shoes that make her feet SMILE.

naotred - EditedI wear these Naot sandals at home in place of slippers.  

3) An item she loves so much she’d like to buy more in her favorite colors (or have them made) and for this to be her uniform.

prairie cloak hoodie assortment collage

Prairie Underground Cloak Hoodie (in organic cotton) would be my choice

4) A hand bag that sits right on her shoulder….and is just the right size.

5) A fabulous find from a second hand store that no one can believe she found “there”!

6) A secret weapon for bad hair days.


For some this might be a hat, headband or turban.  For me, it’s the common hair tie.

 7) A handmade or re-fashioned item: a necklace, a scarf…maybe a sweater?

8) A customized hand selected palette of her best colors



9) Personalized style guidelines from an expert or a lot of self study

And the last thing she should own?

10) Her unique beauty (which will be a cinch after 1-9)

Tell me about some of the items you have on this list!  And, does this list feel right to you or how would you change it?  I’d love to know.