Want to look magnificent? You came to the right place!

I show my clients their best colors and styles for clothing, accessories, and makeup. My palettes are 100% personalized palettes and are made from real fabric. I work in person and on-line and would love to show you how fabulous you can look! I start with color (as shown above) and then, if desired, provide style guidelines in note form. As an additional service,  I provide custom Pinterest boards. Examples are below.


A Pinterest board lets you see how I’d create your ideal wardrobe in terms of vibe, silhouette, texture, scale, etc.

I name my palettes (for fun! and often with my client’s help) and this one was called Velvet Whispers.  Below, is Clearing Breezes. Click on the photo below to link to explore the rest of the board.


Note: I work in person and online. The palette that is top left in the banner was created for an online client I have never met. She sent me this photo after receiving the palette. The same is true for the client in the bottom Pinterest board.

There are lots more photos on other pages on this site and on my Facebook page! Explore and enjoy. Then let me make you your personal rainbow!

I proudly use Color Profiles Systems fabric swatches. 

4 thoughts on “Want to look magnificent? You came to the right place!

  1. Gem

    Great examples! The cat and Elmo are fun variations, too. I m looking forward to the post on how Elmo’s color selections change when he dyes his nose, as a lot of us do dye our hair. I would also like to see a post on people who don’t “fit” the common molds. The thought was inspired by looking at my own cat, whose golden tabby top half would classify him as warm/autumn while his bright white belly, legs, and face would be cool/winter. So what would he wear if he followed Elmo’s bold example and started wearing clothes? People can be misfits, too, of course. I have tried online seasonal analysis but dark hair and pale skin are apparently only supposed to come with dark eyes and mine are light (I must be timeless rather than seasonal. LOL). Looking forward to reading more on your blog!

    1. beautyvalued Post author

      Hi Gem! I think we’re all unique – that’s why I studied to do customized palettes. No other approach seemed right or complete. Sure, some people fit into prefixed palettes quite well, but most of us are “misfits” (as you put it)! I believe we all should learn our unique “color print” instead of which box we might fit into best. None of us are really box shaped. Thank so much for writing. And I love blog request ideas. I’ll have to get my tortie dressed and show you!

  2. Judi

    It’s wonderful to finally come across someone who fits the colours to the person rather than fitting the person into a particular box of colours. How could everyone be put into 1 of just 12 boxes?

    How can we even decide if we are light or dark when half of us are medium? Or decide whether we are warm or cool when some of us have elements of both or again are just about neutral. Bright or muted? Who knows, depends on the day, the weather, indoors or outdoors, the occasion, wearing makeup or not, washed my hair that day or not etc. There are some people who slot neatly into a category, it’s fairly easy to guess just by looking at them. Often the seasonal analysts use them as examples.
    But many, if not most, of us just don’t get pigeonholed that easily. And once you start changing colours as you age then I’ve yet to see a method which works, and I’ve looked very hard. I am one of the ones with very different hair now I’m going white from a bright reddish dark gold, my skin has changed, I have lupus which often overrides my facial skin colour and my intense but warm brown eyes have deepened and cooled to a dark neutral or cool brown, providing a vivid contrast to my light hair and skin. I fit in nowhere.

    At least now I know that there is someone out there who likes to treat us as individuals rather than squashing us into a box they consider to be the nearest answer. Thank you for showing me I’m not totally mad!


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