Photo sent to me from a client whose colors and style guidelines I did virtually. She’s wearing her colors as clothing and makeup. 

As of May 21, 2023  the time for me to do my color/style work is available by charitable donation! Suggested donations are listed below. These are links to make donations to charities near and dear to my heart: 

Parkinson’s Foundation – Research

*Please note: You will order the color palette directly from my supplier. I will give you the form to send her, and she will invoice you, then mail the palette directly to you. The palette will cost around $110 if you are in the US, and around $130 if your are outside of the US. 

IN PERSON:  I am doing colors outside in person in San Francisco! Bundle up!

  • Color Analysis (with palette) and Full Style Consult – written style guidelines and a made just for you Pinterest board for visual references – in San Francisco/on location:  Suggested charitable donation: $500.00*
  • Color Analysis (with Palette) and Style Guideline notes – in San Francisco/on location: Suggested charitable donation: $350.00* Style Guidelines notes describe your best details to look for in clothing and accessories such as specific necklines, sleeve styles/lengths, fabrics, textures, overall silhouette, vibe, best prints, scale, shapes, etc.
  • Color Analysis Only (no style).  Suggested charitable donation: $170.00*


  • Color Analysis (with style guidelines) – Online: Suggested charitable donation:$500.00*   Doing an online analysis is a labor of love and takes much more time than an in-person analysis. This is why it costs more than in person. Please note you then order the palette from my supplier, pay her and pay for international shipping.
  • Custom Style Pinterest board (for clients who have already done color analysis with me) Suggested charitable donation:$250.00 The board is made just for you and will have at least 50 pins.

To reserve an online or in person analysis, contact me! Note that for online analysis, there will likely be a wait time. I will let you know when the current estimated wait time.  Thank you!

See Ways of Working for more information about how I work and the consult/process.


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