Photo sent to me from a client whose colors and style guidelines I did virtually. She’s wearing her colors as clothing and makeup. 

Services and Packages available 

IN PERSON:  I am doing colors outside in person in San Francisco! Bundle up!

Also, as of July 2, 2022, I have raised my prices. My clients have been telling me to do this for years, but now I also have additional costs to the palettes and to shipping charges. If you paid your deposit before July 2, I am honoring the previous prices for you.

  • Color Analysis (with palette) and Full Style Consult – written style guidelines and a made just for you Pinterest board for visual references – in San Francisco/on location:  $600.00*
  • Color Analysis (with Palette) and Style Guideline notes – in San Francisco/on location:  $400.00* Style Guidelines notes describe your best details to look for in clothing and accessories such as specific necklines, sleeve styles/lengths, fabrics, textures, overall silhouette, vibe, best prints, scale, shapes, etc.
  • Two person (for example. Mom and Daughter, Sisters, Couple, Friend and Friend, etc)  Color Analysis and Style Guidelines notes – in San Francisco:  $720*
  • Color Analysis Viewing Only (you see your palette and get photographs of it, but if you wish to purchase any or all of your palette that is extra – at $5/strip of swatches. There is no pressure whatsoever to buy) – In San Francisco/on location $170.00

*20 strips of fabric swatches are included with each person’s full color analysis. Additional strips of color are $5 each should they be found/desired.  (A palette may be from 20-27 strips in size.)


  • Color Analysis (with style guidelines) – Online:  $500.00* plus $20 int’l postage    Doing an online analysis is a labor of love and takes much more time than an in-person analysis. This is why it costs more than in person.
  • Custom Style Pinterest board (for clients who have already done color analysis with me) $250.00 The board is made just for you and will have at least 50 pins.

International shipping is $20 extra for everywhere except if you live in Germany, I need to send it by DHL which unfortunately costs much more.

If you live in a country without Paypal, contact me for other payment options.

Buy Now Button

To reserve an online or in person analysis, please click on the “Buy Now” button above and pay a non-refundable $100 deposit. The deposit will be deducted from your total at the end of your analysis when I invoice you.  NOTE THAT FOR ONLINE ANALYSIS THERE WILL LIKELY BE A WAIT TIME. Please contact me for current estimated wait time.  Thank you!

See Ways of Working for more information about how I work and the consult/process.


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