Photo sent to me from a client whose colors and style guidelines I did virtually. She’s wearing her colors as clothing and makeup. 

Services and Packages available 

“Style Guidelines” means notes about best details to look for in clothing and accessories such as specific necklines, sleeve styles/lengths, fabrics, textures, overall silhouette, vibe, best prints, scale, shapes, etc.

IN PERSON:  April 2021 Update: I am doing colors outside in person in San Francisco! Bundle up!

  • Color Analysis (with palette) and Full Style Consult – written description AND made for you Pinterest board – in San Francisco/on location:  $500.00*
  • Color Analysis (with Palette) and Style Guidelines – in San Francisco/on location:  $330.00*
  • Color Analysis Viewing Only (you do not get a palette but see your colors and get photographs) – In San Francisco/on location $120.00
  • Two person (for example. Mom and Daughter, Sisters, Couple, Friend and Friend, etc)  Color Analysis and Style Guidelines – in San Francisco:  $620*
  • Parties:  Please email me regarding details. Parties must be in San Francisco/on location
  • Wardrobe Edit and Personal Shopping are available to clients who have had a Color/Style consult.  Please contact me to discuss details.

*20 strips of fabric swatches are included with each person’s full color analysis. Additional strips of color are $4.50 each should they be found/desired.  (A palette may be from 20-27 strips in size.)


  • Color Analysis (with style guidelines) – Online:  $400.00* plus $15 int’l postage
  • Custom Style Pinterest board (for clients who have already done color analysis with me) $250.00 The board is made just for you and will have at least 50 pins.
  • Flirt Package for Online Clients: $120.00  If you are curious about color analysis or want to expand on a seasonal palette that suits you well, this is the package for you.   Included are FIVE strips of fabric swatches including eye colors, “lipstick” colors (by this I mean your reds, pinks, peaches, plums as relevant to you)  and hair colors.  (Wink, wink, air kiss, hair toss!)  If  you later decide you would like a full palette, the amount you have paid  for your Flirt Package will be put towards the palette as will the number of color strips. You will be required to wait your turn for the remainder of you palette to be completed and the price you have paid for the Flirt Package will be deducted from the current full package price at the time of your upgrade. Full palettes come with style guidelines. Flirt Packages do not. Shipping is included in the Flirt Package.
  • Online personal shopping and virtual wardrobe edits are available to clients who have had an online Color/Style consult. Please contact me to discuss details.

International shipping is $15 extra for everywhere except if you live in Germany, I need to send it by DHL which unfortunately costs around $72.

Buy Now Button

To reserve an online or in person analysis, please click on the “Buy Now” button above and pay a non-refundable $100 deposit on your Custom Palette/the Flirt Package. The deposit will be deducted from your total at the end of your analysis when I invoice you.  NOTE THAT FOR ONLINE ANALYSIS THERE WILL LIKELY BE A WAIT TIME.   Contact me for current estimated wait time.  After you have paid , if you have not already been in touch, please contact me and let me know if you are wanting a full palette or a Flirt Package.  Thank you.

Please note: the appointments are not suitable for very young, mobile children. I need you to be able to stay still and look at me!

See Ways of Working for more information about how I work and the consult/process.

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