Hi! I’m Kathy,

necklacefromearrings - Edited

I show my clients their best colors and styles so they can look and feel incredible – at any age, at any weight, accommodating their lifestyle and budget!

It’s HEALTHY and HEALING to dress ourselves beautifully. It sends the world the message that we know who we are, that we are capable, that we are confident, and that we value ourselves.

The thing is, most people need guidance: school doesn’t teach us how  to look great. And books and style apps are geared to the masses.  I work with you one:one considering (among other factors): your face, body shape, proportions, coloring, vibe, personality!

Looking great, feels fabulous: it’s empowering and confidence building.  It can make shopping easier and end mistake purchases!

 We get dressed every day! Why not make it an act of joy? Show the world your beauty, your potential, your authentic self!

I can’t wait to meet you online or in person, and make you shine!


Check out my services, here.

Chase1 - Edited

A woman of any age can benefit from learning her best colors but oh how I wish I’d learned them in my teens!

 I believe in preserving the beauty of the earth just as much as I do in making each of us shine. I support earth friendly makeup lines and prefer consignment and thrift store shopping to buying new. 


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