Life is Full of Goodies

PUbaggy - EditedWho doesn’t love a goody bag full of beauty products (and one tasty lollipop)?

baggy2 - Edited

Especially when you’ve hand selected each item you wanted included…

handfulPU - Edited

These are the samples I ordered from Spirit Beauty Lounge ((you get 9 for $25 including shipping).  From perfume to skin care to makeup…I dare you not to be tempted.

palettePUsamples - Edited

When you know your colors, you know just what color makeup to buy!

My job feels a bit like this goody bag right now. I picked exactly what I wanted in it:

1) Color

2) People

3) Research

4) Sharing information

5) Beauty

6) Health/wellness

7) Community

8) Clothing & Accessories

9) Sustainability (that’s why I’m recommending incredible eco-friendly beauty product sites)

Lucky, lucky me! I looooove what I created in my goody bag of a job, and am so glad I found my calling. Thank you, dear clients, for letting me serve you and live my dream!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some new products to try!!!  (Fun, fun.)  Oh, and if you have a favorite eco-friendly brand of clothing or makeup or a site you want to share, please, do let me know in your comments below. Thanks!


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