The 10 Items Every Woman Should Own

Personal stylists often write a list of the top ten items that they believe every woman should own.  Often it includes a  white shirt, a black dress, a trench coat…. items too generic in taste for my liking in terms of color, lifestyle and individual style.

Here is my list:

1) A piece of jewelry of great sentimental value – and who cares if it is costume or real?

opal - Edited (1)Mine is an opal ring from my grandmother. 

2) A pair of shoes that make her feet SMILE.

naotred - EditedI wear these Naot sandals at home in place of slippers.  

3) An item she loves so much she’d like to buy more in her favorite colors (or have them made) and for this to be her uniform.

prairie cloak hoodie assortment collage

Prairie Underground Cloak Hoodie (in organic cotton) would be my choice

4) A hand bag that sits right on her shoulder….and is just the right size.

5) A fabulous find from a second hand store that no one can believe she found “there”!

6) A secret weapon for bad hair days.


For some this might be a hat, headband or turban.  For me, it’s the common hair tie.

 7) A handmade or re-fashioned item: a necklace, a scarf…maybe a sweater?

8) A customized hand selected palette of her best colors



9) Personalized style guidelines from an expert or a lot of self study

And the last thing she should own?

10) Her unique beauty (which will be a cinch after 1-9)

Tell me about some of the items you have on this list!  And, does this list feel right to you or how would you change it?  I’d love to know.


5 thoughts on “The 10 Items Every Woman Should Own

  1. Tallulah Barnes

    Fantastic list! The only thing I don’t have is #4, because I have narrow shoulders that everything falls off, but hey, they’re part of my #10. My piece of jewellery of sentimental value is a mini enameled Fabergé egg pendant that my fiancé bought me for our first Christmas together. I was astonished that he had judged my taste so exactly. It probably means more to me than my engagement ring. I have lots of second-hand finds that people admire but my favourites are a pink Betsey Johnson tiered skirt that looks like several tutus layered on top of each other (fits into my custom palette but was bought years before that entered my life) and a wool trapeze coat (which is the only treasured item that doesn’t but I love it anyway). I would add some uber-comfy lounging clothes that only your loved ones and the postman ever see you in. I like having a(n) (un)fashion secret that the world doesn’t know.

      1. beautyvalued Post author

        Tallulah, thank you so much for your comments. I’m sorry no handbag works but I love to learn new things – especially when it’s a problem that needs solving and that should be easily done. (Designers, pay attention! Either make us a whole bunch of nice backpack style handbags suitable for all occasions or come up with a better strap, please!) I love the gift from your fiance and your second hand finds. I bet the trapeze coat works because the color is ok and the style is fantastic on you. You’re so right that mailperson-safe loungewear should be added to the list. I had only thought of ‘pet hair resistant yoga pants’ but then I realized that does not yet exist! LOL. (Designers, where are you? You are needed HERE.) And your beret solution is fantastic – on you, no one would suspect of it being anything but the perfect addition to an outfit! xoxo

  2. Cristina

    I love your list and feel so connected to your world view. Must be an INFP thing! All of my rings are sentimental and I prefer to keep it that way, other jewelry is a mix but I want to keep my rings as strictly storied pieces. I just recently found my perfect purse and it is heaven- a vintage 1980s Coach duffle in black. I can hold a book and a snack and whatever I need, and it is crossbody so my hands are free. I agree that this is such a joyful and essential item! I refuse to wear shoes that don’t make my feet smile, and am having such a hard time with clothes that are wrong now that I’ve learned to identify what isn’t right. While I love this process of finding the right things, I also want more that makes me happy now. I would add to this list a perfect cozy throw and a perfect chair (not clothing but essential nevertheless) and a water bottle you love enough to actually carry with you and drink from.

    1. beautyvalued Post author

      Glad you found my blog – our mind/body-sets do sound similar! I just need the perfect mug rather than water bottle. 😉 Thanks for your comments!


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