I love… Earth and body friendly makeup (vegan available too) and their swatch photos are excellent. No fancy packaging but high quality makeup and skin care. Great pinterest board to learn more about how images are altered digitally Great non profit educating girls and young women about how women are portrayed in the media. Teaching the next generation about philanthropy, and how to turn passion into action A magazine for girls age 8+.  The Girls on the Run® curricula, the heart of the program, provides pre-adolescent girls with the necessary tools to embrace their individual strengths and successfully navigate life experiences. A magazine for teen girls I hope you will never use their services but I am so glad they exist – helping women with cancer feel better, through feeling happier about how they look. Awesome stuff.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN TRAINING TO DO CUSTOM COLOR ANALYSIS, I highly recommend my teacher, Debra Lindquist.

IF YOU HAVE TRAINED IN CUSTOM ANALYSIS AND ARE INTERESTED IN THE SWATCHES I USE, they are Debra Lindquist’s  COLOR PROFILES SYSTEM. They are the nicest fabric swatches I have seen available for sale: the swatches are generous in size, the fabrics are high quality and the plastic backing is strong. Any amount of customization is possible!

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