Hi! I’m Kathy.  I’m passionate about color, health (yours, mine and the planet’s) and authentic beauty.  Mix  that all up and what do you get?  A color and style analyst who wants to make a difference.

necklacefromearrings - Edited

Here’s what I believe:

We are all beautiful.  Our beauty can be magnified or diminished by how we style ourselves.

 We magnify our beauty when:

  • the body’s natural coloring is enhanced
  • the figure is flattered
  • the face harmonizes with the whole
  • our inner essence is physically expressed

Clothing, accessories and makeup are just “things” but worn well, they show off our innate beauty. Worn poorly, we do ourselves an injustice.

Chase1 - Edited

It’s HEALTHY and HEALING to dress ourselves beautifully, that most of us just need some guidance on how to do this.

 Looking great is not about being 5’11” and a size 2 (unless you actually are), and it’s not about wearing the latest trends (unless they suit YOU and your personality!).  Looking great is about mirroring and balancing your own coloring and body. It’s about expressing you in material form.  Looking great, feels fabulous: it’s empowering and confidence building.

I believe in preserving the beauty of the earth just as much as I do in making each of us shine. I support earth friendly makeup lines and prefer consignment and thrift store shopping to buying new.

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