Hi! I’m Kathy.  I’m passionate about color, health (yours, mine and the planet’s) and authentic beauty.  Mix  that all up and what do you get?  A color and style consultant who wants to make a difference.


My daughter is only four.  I let her wear whatever she wants!  She’s having fun. Thinking ahead to my daughter being 7, 10 and then 12, 13, 14…I feel for her! The teen years are so tough, particularly for girls.  So much is in flux!  Physically, emotionally, socially, academically – everything is changing!

What makes it even harder to be a teen these days is the deluge of media images and fashion industry advice about what constitutes beauty.  Ever thinner models, professionally made up and hair done, then photoshopped (because??? oh, right, they’re not perfect enough yet!) and celebrities who have all kinds of “work” done are visible everywhere, at all times.  It’s impossible to live up to that kind of manufactured”beauty and unhealthy to try.  Yet, teenage girls will try.  And fail, and feel badly about how they look as a result.  From sporadic, niggling thoughts to frequent, more disturbing beliefs, teenage girls are adversely affected, with such concerns taking up precious time and energy…sometimes becoming a real health problem.

And it’s such a shame.  Real, authentic beauty is accessible.  The stress that teens go through about their appearance should be stopped in its tracks and replaced by knowledge.  This information is not taught by the fashion industry. ( No, the fashion industry wants to sell ever changing fads to undiscerning masses.)  Nor is it taught by the beauty industry (determined to make you feel never beautiful enough).  Color and style know-how is what’s needed.  It’s what I’m trained in, and what I want every woman, especially every young woman, to understand, as it applies to them personally.


This information is fun to learn.  People LOVE to see “their” colors - it’s a part of themselves that they know exists but have never seen in full.  People also love to know their best styles…to show off their best features!  When we bring out the best…we really bring out the BEST in all ways, not just in our appearance.

A person’s identity forms during their teenage years. Developmental psychologists say that memories made at this time last longer than those made during any other part of our lives! Where a person is socially and how they feel about themselves imprints deeply. Given this is such a critical time for “setting” healthy self esteem, shouldn’t we do all that we can to boost girls’ feelings of self worth?

There are widespread repercussions too.  Self assured young women who recognize their own individual beauty and their authentic self, are able to appreciate the same in others too.   A sisterhood forms.  These young women have energy freed up from worry to put towards greater pursuits.  It is a powerful sisterhood.  I want that for my daughter.  I want it for yours.  Honoring one’s physical being through the use of appropriate color and style is an unexpected but magnificent first step.

(Can you see the colors in a client’s palette above are too bright and light for me, and that they run too deep for my daughter? I don’t want to just give you your palette, I want you to really NOTICE color harmony!)

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